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I'm so glad you were led to my page. Whether you are here for coaching, or to inquire about a speaker for your organization, or to get support from an exciting community of mighty women, you have come to the right place! As a women’s empowerment personal growth coach and speaker, I help women see that they are not alone. I guide women to pulling out their internal intuitive power to get clear on what they want, give them tools to bolster confidence on the journey and to get unstuck, and techniques that build the courage to walk boldly, and powerfully in their amazing new lives!

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The Three Keys to Transformational Growth

The three keys we focus on in my 90 day program.

  • Clarity

    How do you make decisions about your life if you don't know what you want? Part of understanding what is best for yourself is learning how to get crystal clear on your personal goals. I help women get clear on their values, feelings, and ideas. Together we develop a functional lifestyle plan that encompasses those elements.

  • Confidence

    Many people believe that you are either born with confidence or you are not. The truth is confidence can be a learned skill. The key to having confidence is building a deep sense of belief in your POWER. I help women connect to their intuitive personal power so that they learn how to be more confident in their decisions and life goals.

  • Courage

    Once you have clarity and confidence the next key is courage. Courage takes stepping into our fears, getting past limiting beliefs and knowing that we are powerful beings. I help women build the courage to step deep into their authentic truth and take action in creating their best lives.

Coaching Program

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Speaking Engagements

Tiffiny is an accomplished professional speaker that inspires and educates her audiences.

Does your organization want a workshop that keeps participants engaged, inspired and motivated to take action?

Let Tiffiny show your group the transformational methods that she has used to change the lives of her clients and propel them to move forward in their goals.

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Tiffiny's clients love raving about her and her audiences are always amazed at her stirring, thought provoking message.

“Tiffiny has a gift for touching the hearts and souls of everyone she meets.”


“The coaching calls were absolutely life changing and eye-opening. Tiffiny actually took time out of her day to sit down with me and offer real life solutions for helping me get started on my journey. There were things that were preventing me from reaching my goals that had nothing to do with food or exercise and she pointed those things out and encouraged me to work on my inner self and the things that made me happy and fulfilled in the past. It was incredible!! Every day, I make sure I do something from my self-care list to take care of me!!! It is not easy but Tiffiny made me see that it is possible!!”


“Tiffiny is an amazing person and her story is amazing! If you get the opportunity to work with her, you’ll love your experience!! Her tips and feedback are so helpful and easy to do!!”

Martha L.Martha L.

“Tiffiny has a talent for meeting people where they are in their journey. In our sessions together, she brings a perfect mixture of understanding and motivation. She finds ways to push you to continue to get better.”

Carolyn A.Carolyn A.

Tiffiny's Journey

Tiffiny got started on her personal development journey by focusing on her health first.  She struggled with weight gain, self-image issues, self-esteem issues, and confidence.  At thirty years old, she found herself overweight and unhealthy, burnt out from a demanding corporate career and dealing with a very emotionally draining and stressful marriage.  

She was miserable, depressed and knew something had to change. She started by aggressively taking control of her health; researching how to eat whole healthy foods; and incorporating jogging and weightlifting to her regimen.  

Having a healthy body led her to focus on creating a healthy mindset. She started incorporating mindfulness activities such as meditation, yoga, and journaling into her lifestyle.   She began to study the teachings of the Law of Attraction and learning how her thoughts were truly creating her life.  It was through her mindset shift, that she gained the courage and confidence to leave her failing, unhappy and unhealthy marriage. 

She completely transformed her life because she started to truly take care of herself internally.  Tiffiny knew she wanted to help other women transform and started a fitness company to help women learn how to take care of their physical bodies.  However the more she trained women, the more she realized what they really need was total transformation inside and out. 

Now she empowers women to connect to their intuitive personal power to achieve their goals and live a whole happy healthy life they enjoy. 

Tiffiny is also an impactful inspirational speaker and facilitator. She wows audiences with her insight on empowering people to dig deeper internally in order to increase overall performance. 

Tiffiny has over 16 years of experience working in public health, behavioral health and the private consulting industry. She has a master’s degree in Public Health Education (M.P.H.) and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In her previous life, she was also an award-winning, bodybuilding figure level athlete and fitness pro.

Tiffiny has a 360-degree framework for transforming lives and propelling women into the best version of themselves.

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Join a community of powerful creators! Receive weekly motivation on how to connect to your inner power and manifest a life that you love!

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